Kenyans Insult KTN’s JOY DOREEN BIIRA After a Photo Of Her Sitting Badly Breaks the Internet

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Kenyans on Social media earlier on today decided to take issues personal with KTN news anchor,Joy Doreen Biira, after a popular media house did a story on their website on what the sultry screen siren’s one year old baby has taught her so far as a parent.

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The media house used a photo of the anchor nearly revealing too much to an extend exposing her “NINI” while seated in a suggestive manner as the cover.
However,both the photo and the story did not go well with Kenyans on Facebook and therefore caused an uproar.

They cyber-bullied her with all manner of insults,with some even going as far as asking weird questions like whether her one year old baby is the one who taught her how to sit badly.…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO VIEW THE PHOTO and People’s Comments(PLEASE Viewer’s Discretion is Advised)…..

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