SEE Photos of Big Cars &Mansion This Woman Hired Gunmen For 1.2Million To KILL Her Rich Husband!

Some women are real devils, how do you hire hit-men to kill your husband so that you can inherit his wealth?

The lady in the photos below is called Rose Adhiambo, wife of Mombasa based tycoon, Polycarp Okumu alias Kamili.
Rose was arrested withdrawing Ksh 1.2 million which she was supposed to hand over to hit-men so that they can
kill her husband.
She has tried to poison her husband in the past so that she can inherit his wealth but her evil plans didn’t
Below are photos of Rose and her tycoon husband during their happier days.
4 (2)
5 (1)
6 (2)
Now she is languishing in the cold prison floors;
7 (2)

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