SAD:Father’s Account of hoe Helped to Rescue KU Students in accident but could not recognize his son

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While doing rounds on social media,i came across a truly touching testimony of grief that can serve as a living example that humanity still exists.I know things look disheartening but if what happened during the Kisii accident is anything to go by,the are better days ahead.

I need to recount a story of the Principal of Nyamonyo Secondary school.A number of years back,he Fathered a son-the only son he would raise and nurtured.

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The boy had proper growth and a normal child upbringing until when time was due for him to join University.He was bound to go to Kenyatta University and everything was going great and I am certain he saw a long life in ahead of him and the numerous conceivable outcomes that accompanied it.

Fast Forward to Friday July 1st 2016…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING..

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