Here’s The TOP 6 LIST Of Kenyan Celebrities and Media Personalities Rumored To Be Gay &Lesbians

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While some celebrities such as Joji Baro and Binyavanga Wainaina have openly come out as gay, others have had rumors about their sexuality appear in tabloid sites and gossip rags for years.

Celebrities such as Sauti Sol’s Willis Chimano have faced gay rumors, but he is not the only celebrity who has faced these nasty rumors.

Here are some celebrities who have been labeled as gay and for some,  these rumors are spot on! Can you guess which ones?



Despite being well known and having business interests that have made him one of the highest paid media personalities,Maina Kageni has not been seen often with a woman or is not known to be married or dating anyone.

During 2012 Gay and Lesbian Awards of Kenya (KeGALA), a daily newspaper mentioned that Maina had been nominated and won an award at the event. Maina denies this.

Reports carried then alleged that Maina attended the event and was awarded.Much as he fervently denies,i am reminded by the infamous swahili adage that goes,”Lisemwalo lipo,kama halipo…..?


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