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Elders from Rift Valley and Nyanza back Raila for presidency

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Mr Kimetto said elders from his community will rally residents to back the Cord leader.

He said they will hold rallies in the region to drum up support for the Cord leader.

“We have already planned the inaugural rally at Sosiot in Kericho County on January 7 and invited Raila Odinga and other leaders including governors,” he said.

Mr Otondi said that after the Sosiot rally, the elders will jointly visit the site of the Itare dam project on January 16 and thereafter file a case to stop the construction.

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“Even though the Kalenjin elders’ initial attempts to have this project stopped seem not to have borne fruit, as a team we hope we shall succeed to stop its implementation,” Mr Otondi said.

Mr Odinga has argued the project will affect 12 rivers in eight counties, including the Mara River, and water will be diverted from the Mau Forest.

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