8 Important Things Women Worry About During Love Making BUT Men Care LESS About

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Are their things women worry about in bed?Unanswered concerns pertaining to s3x often takes a toll on s3xual performance of women. They fail to confess these apprehensions, considering them to be silly or sometimes a taboo. But still, are often found seeking solutions in the ‘agony aunt’ column of some random women’s magazine. Here is a sneak peek into eight most bothersome concerns of women. These issues make them lose their sleep or behave awkwardly with their partners in bed   .

      #1) Physical appearance


Feeling conscious about one’s body is one of the biggest problems that most of the women have. Disfigured body, small cup size, or oversize parts always make women feel insecure and uncomfortable. The very thought of getting uncovered gives them cold feet.


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